Les éditions Place des Victoires publient des beaux-livres d’art et de loisirs.
Tel.: 01 44 55 37 50

Éditions Place des Victoires is a department of Éditions Mengès (created in 1979).

Both labels have been standing among the finest art books publishers for about 40 years.
Éditions Place des Victoires are specialized in art and leisure illustrated books.

The catalogue ranges from affordable books with a great value for money, to high-end sophisticated pieces.
Our main topics are art & architecture, but we happily publish books on rock legends, lifestyle, science, practical books or travel & nature books.
Éditions Mengès mainly focuses on high-end sophisticated art books.
Our distribution in France is highly efficient, and the top physical and online retailers sell our books, from independent bookstores to the biggest chains.

We stand amongst the last independent art books publishers in France.

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